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October 7, 2011

Just another sleepless night.

On the plus side, I got heaps of work done that I did not get done at the office yesterday and probably would not have got around to today.

The thing about sleepless nights is that you have to just accept it, not get angry and for heaven’s sake, get up and DO something! I used to read in order to try to go back to sleep but, meh, HAVING to wear glasses when I read has changed all that.  Forget about late night television;  we don’t have cable, just free to air, thereby making late-night selections even worse. I suppose I could watch some old faves on Netflix but that would entail creeping around the dark bedroom, trying not to wake my husband and  looking for the iPad. Why don’t I watch Netflix on my ‘puter, you ask? Because it is upstairs in the office and yes, I may have a comfy ‘puter chair but it is not THAT comfy that I can fall asleep in it. That is what I love about the iPad; I can lay on the sofa, rug up in heaps of blankies and be somewhat comfortable if I do happen to fall back to sleep.

A new thing that I find myself doing more often is cooking our dinner in the middle of the night! It makes sense, though, doesn’t it? Because heaven knows I will be completely out of steam by dinner time! There is something about the smell of something simmering on the stove that is just so calming. This morning it is a lovely rich spaghetti sauce bubbling away on the stove. Will it help me catch a few extra ZzZ’s? Not likely, but I will be content knowing I have made my late afternoon less hectic.

Last night when I couldn’t sleep I started researching Gittekuchen beacause Kristina is looking for a new base for her Pumpkin Cheesecake. I fondly remembered the Gittekuchens that O-Mommy used to make and thought that might be something she could investigate. But now I have a massive craving for Gittekuchen! O-Mommy always made hers with fresh Plums or Plum Jam and I just happen to have Plum Jam in the pantry. And since it happens to be Thanksgiving this weekend, perhaps I will make a Plum Gittekuchen to take with me to the family dinner.

While the rest of Canada celebrates Thanksgiving this weekend, I am also celebrating being home for one year! The time has flown by! It is so good to be home in Beautiful British Columbia and to be close to family and friends.  Do I miss Australia? I miss: Woodgate Beach, Brisbane, The City Square Library in Brisbane where I spent heaps of time! The Riverwalk along the Brisbane River where I used to run, friends and family, and I often think of the Grade Two class at St.Joseph’s.

Luke and I have had a fabulous year; we have a house we are currently calling home, a beautiful Chev Cruze, a cat (he came with the house), a dog, our children and grandchildren  are close by and we have spent many hours hiking in the BC mountains. I think hiking is one of the things we missed most while we were away. And the four definite seasons that we have here in Canada. Summer was pretty short this year though! We did luck out with a  glorious Indian Summer before the days started getting shorter and gloomier.

Luke and I drove all over BC during the summer. We both saw parts of BC we have never seen before. We loved the peace and tranquility of Northern BC but I am sure that comes with a price.