From my Kitchen Somewhere in the World to Yours

I was happily uploading recipes to my google site but was very dismayed to learn that I had reached my upload capacity! Needless to say I was no where near finished uploading the family favourite recipes.

And so it begins! The migration from Sonte Is Serving it Up to Aysontespli.com. I will likely have a lot more grey hair at the end of it all and will definitely require a visit to the hair dresser and a weekend at a posh…or not so posh…spa resort; read a weekend in the wilderness with no internet access.

Please be patient with me while the migration is happening and please, if there is one of my fave recipes that you JUST have to have, by all means, ask and I will bump it to the head of the list.

See you in the Kitchen!

aka Ay Sontespli

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