So today I am making some Vanilla. It is going to take ages but I am hoping it will be worth it in the long run. After all, a bottle of spirits and few vanilla pods are far less expensive that a trip to Mexico, right? And I won’t be bothered with sand wedged into numerous spots I would really rather NOT have sand wedged into!

Making some Vanilla

I bought these vanilla pods, read  label on the back  that told me to go forth and purchase some spirits. I chose vodka, not sure why but I will try again with bourbon and rum…I am thinking vanilla spiced rum would be to die for!  Not that I DRINK alcohol but  I do so love the smell of Rum…Bundaberg Rum, in particular.  Anyway, I did as the label directed:

Removed Vanilla Pods from bottle,
Split each Pod and returned to bottle
Poured Vodka into bottle to cover Vanilla Pods
Put the cork back on
Now all I have to do is put the bottle in a dark spot, return to it …daily?…to give it a shake,” just for fun”, so the label says.

My bottle of Vanilla in the Making ready to go into Hiding

Check back with me in 6 weeks time and I will let you know how the Vanilla turned out.


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