Gluten Free Blend

As luck would have it, or not, my husband decided to try the KETO diet. More importantly, his desire to break up with SUGAR! He is 1 month into the journey and doing well. He does still crave sweets so I make him stuff with Monkfruit sweetener and Truvia Brown Sugar.

Right, this is about the gluten. I have tried numerous grocery store Cup 4 Cup Blends but all of them left me wanting something better!
Eons ago, in a second hand store, I found “The Gluten Free Gourment; Living Well Without Wheat” (1990) by Bette Hagman published by Henry Holt and Company, Inc. Actually, I think I found the book in 2011 when hubs wanted to try Atkins…
Anyway, as I have experimented with Gluten Free Breaking I have met with a lot of disappointment until I once again stumbled across aforementioned book in my cookbook stash and finally decided to give the authour’s GF Blend a try.

Without further ado, I give you her wonderful Blend! I do wish it had been written with weights rather than volume but it is what it is.

Gluten Free Flour Blend

11 oz Rice Flour
7 oz Potato Starch Flour
3 oz Tapioca Flour

Weigh out and whisk together.

Store in an airtight container.

(I keep all my gf ingredients in the cold room.)




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